Baby TJ and the Family Tree

Now that the bulk of my final projects/papers are completed, I finally have some time to write a quick post before I have a publication release party tonight- three of my poems were featured.

The other week I was introduced to two very exciting people. Because I am a storyteller by nature, and am obsessed with life stories/memoirs; I decided to fill in the more foggy sections of TJ’s history. I knew I am his third person: J, his breeder had him for 9 months, Then C bought him from J, and I bought him from C. For whatever reason various details of TJ’s family never bridged over to me. Being the expert English Major researcher I am, I went to Google! (Librarians who love EBSCO now want me dead). Easily enough I found his breeder’s website and called the number on the bottom of the page- yep… I’m a right Ol’Sherlock and purdy dern insightful. The cool thing is her farm is a stone throw from my hometown!

Prowlerr- TJ’s very handsome Daddy

The following day J the breeder called me up and we had a lovely hour long chat about TJ’s sire and dam, buying and selling, training, and Arabian Pedigrees. It was great!

Zoe- very preggy with TJ. She was actually bought by J at an auction out of pity. She came from a Pintabian ranch that moonlighted as a PMU Farm.


Krewe and A- aren’t they just beautiful!?! He’s 16h of Russian Arab like TJster. Hopefully in 6 months we will be at this level!

J also told me about TJ’s full brother, Krewe, who is one year younger. J put me in contact with A on Facebook. I sent A a friend request; hoping she wouldn’t think I was one of those weirdo people who add random individuals. She accepted my request and we had a right ol’ message fest and picture exchange of the two brothers.

We had great conversation about Arabs and dressage, manners, and saddles. It was wonderful for me to see how educated Krewe is and all the things A has done with him. I was getting a feel out to see how much the brothers had in common, and it sounds like they are almost identical in stature and personality. I also found out the TJ has a full sister as well as a few half-siblings- but I don’t know anything about them. I know that you can’t judge one sibling based on another, but it was intriguing to know of certain “family” traits.

I just was fascinated with the whole piecing together of TJ’s “family”. I hope that next time I go visit my parents, I may be able to swing by J the Breeder’s farm and see TJ’s.

Dually PJ was TJ’s registered name before I decided to switch it.

Because I don’t know anything really about bloodlines and pedigrees, anyone with knowledge want to comment: have at it! I’m from the school of “you ride what you got” and “bloodline don’t mean *ish if your horse can’t work. But it would be handy to know TJ’s genetic potential. 🙂 Random Fun Fact: TJ’s sire’s full brother or dad (don’t remember which J said) is actually at the Princess of Jordan’s royal stables. Guess she’s big in endurance riding.

Brand new TJ!
He looks like this still when he is being an air-head.
Such a goof!
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