Apache White Sock

apache 2


Apache (born May 5th, 1994) has been my right-hand man since Spring of 2005. This 15 hh, bay Breeding Stock Paint tolerated his fair share of antics on my behalf. He carried me through the US Pony Club ranks, learned all the tricks I threw at him, jumped the moon if I asked, tolerated me practicing my farrier skills on him, dealt with me teaching him to drive a cart and comforted me through many firsts in my life. Our history together is long and filled with more learning encounters that I could ever record. It’s because of this grumpy pony, I never give up on a horse and know the value of patience. Growing up riding Apache, I became the rider I am now.

Apache suffered a kick to the knee in Fall 2014. After spending eight months trying to restore his soundness, I decided to temporarily retire Apache from riding. It was painful realizing my side-kick may, even after years of recoup time, will never be what he was. And that is okay. Apache’s new job is to help me train TJ to be his replacement, be brushed everyday, and light natural horsemanship groundwork sessions. He is sound to be ridden for 30min at a walk- so when I am in a pinch for a leisure trial mount, Apache fits the bill. Regardless, this stubborn, grumpy, and practically perfect horse in everyway will be in my care until the day he takes his last breath. For loving me unconditionally for so many years, I owe him that.


He’s my best friend.


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