Training Goals for TJ


Here is my list of skills for TJ to acquire. These are all skills that he either doesn’t possess or needs consistent work to master.


  1. haunch yield (both sides)
  2. shoulder yield (both sides)
  3. side pass (both sides)
  4. pick up all four feet readily
  5. head down with nose pressure
  6. vocal cues on lounge line
  7. prompt backing with little pressure
  8. Ground tie
  9. Pick up all hooves promptly
    Reduce/eliminate constant head rubbing- so rude and drives me bonkers

  10. Minimal fidget in cross ties

Riding Goals

  1. Prompt transitions
  2. balanced circle left
  3. balanced circle right
  4. prompt backing
  5. balanced canter left lead
  6. balanced canter right lead
  7. turn on the forehand
  8. turn on the haunches
  9. leg yield left
  10. leg yield right
  11. side pass left
  12. side pass right
  13. haunches in
  14. haunches out
  15. shoulders in
  16. shoulders out

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